Action Utah is looking to partner with organizations and individuals, including non-profits, state leaders and legislators, lobbyists and advocates, community organizers, community services, philanthropists, legal organizations, etc, in order to:

  1. Work together to create targeted action items that mobilize Action Utah members in ways that truly help partner efforts (actions can include signing petitions, calling state and national representatives, writing letters, writing op-eds, joining local initiatives, engaging organization initiatives like clothing and food drives and meeting volunteer and donation needs, participating in rallies/marches/protests/community meetings and of course supporting legislation by participating in the legislative process in specific ways, and so on)
  2. List our partner organizations for easy access with a description of their top priorities and needs
  3. Market efforts jointly and
  4. Work together to train and educate citizen activists

Our partners share common goals and values with Action Utah members, understand the power of Utah citizens to create change and care about the best interests of the state and its people. We work closely with our partners to agree on best practices and joint strategy. Contact us to enquire about becoming a partner, or start the application process by filling in the information below, and one of our ambassadors will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

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