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Action Utah Policy Consultants are committed, long-term volunteers who pursue Action Utah’s mission of boosting civic engagement across Utah by providing information and advocacy opportunities about the issues Utahns care about most. 

Policy Consultants work on one specific issue area (based on their expertise, experience or passion), and track what is happening on that issue, who is working on it, what is already being done, what more can be done and how community members can engage the issue to influence potential solutions.

The Policy Consultant role is vital to Action Utah’s work by putting our team on the front lines of the issues and doing the research and legwork on behalf of community members to make advocacy more accessible. 


Applicants for Policy Consultant opportunities must have completed at least three months as an Action Utah Ambassador prior to applying. Policy Consultants commit to volunteer 4-10 hours per week for a period of at least one year. Hours may fluctuate between slow periods and busy periods, such as the State Legislative Session. Responsibilities include regular check-ins, attendance at certain internal team meetings and participation in some legislative, advocate and other events. 

Goals for Policy Consultants:

  1. Educate and mobilize Utahns to make a difference in their communities.
  2. Model the “Action Utah Way” by approaching advocacy with nonpartisanship, bridge-building, civil discourse and fact-based solutions.
  3. Gain strong, hands-on experience in advocacy, policy development and communications to further personal career and/or service goals.
  4. Build good relationships with advocates, coalitions, state agencies and elected officials around the state to further personal career and/or service goals.
  5. Advance policies and initiatives that represent the beliefs of a majority of Utahns and/or provide an opportunity to build bridges and find common ground on a topic that a majority of Utahns care about.
  6. Make a difference as a vital member of the Action Utah team.


  1. Research and track a specific issue area to stay on top of news, policy and advocacy strategies, fact-based solutions, advocates and decision makers in the field, and how community members can make an impact on the issue.
  2. Identify fact-based policies and initiatives on which to focus community attention and efforts that:
    1. Data shows a majority of Utahns support
    2. Have potential for bridge-building or getting bipartisan support 
    3. We as an org and/or as community members can meaningfully impact
  3. Track bills in your issue area during the State Legislative Session and Special Sessions.
  4. Attend meetings and events as needed to stay on top of the issue and on the front lines of policy proposals and initiatives, to identify community advocacy strategies, and to build relationships with legislators, lobbyists, advocates, academic and state agencies as needed.
  5. Write occasional calls to action (CTAs), issue updates and op-eds or letters to the editor (LTEs) to educate and engage the community about your issue area.
  6. Share important news articles about happenings in your issue area to post on our social media.
  7. Attend certain staff calls and meetings to keep the Action Utah team posted on your work and contribute to the efforts of other team members.
  8. Participate in Action Utah events as needed, such as educational events,, Lobby Days and fundraisers.
  9. Continue to be an Ambassador for Action Utah by actively engaging our social media platforms and spreading the word about AU events and actions.
Action Utah Volunteers must agree to abide by our Code of Conduct which can be read here.

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