Action Utah Code of Conduct

All Action Utah volunteers should understand and behave according to the “Action Utah Way”, a core set of four operating principles that includes: nonpartisanship, civil discourse, bridge building and fact-based solutions. Volunteers should, during their tenure and work with Action Utah and/or Action Utah Education Fund practice these four principles in their actions, behaviors and words and work toward positive solutions, compromise, listening to different perspectives and learning from others.

And also…

  • Adhere to Action Utah’s Social Media Policy
  • Follow the Action Utah Dress Code & Personal Appearance Guidelines
  • Be Where You’re Supposed to be, When You’re Supposed to be There
  • Show Respect for Your Colleagues
  • Act with Professionalism in and out of the Workplace
  • Exhibit a Spirit of Teamwork
  • Comply with all Laws & Regulations
  • Protect Action Utah’s Property
  • Perform Your Action Utah Duties with Honesty, Integrity & Respect
  • Don’t Accept Gifts or Bribes 
  • Avoid Personal, Financial & Other Conflicts of Interest
  • Be Friendly & Collaborative
  • Communicate Openly & Thoroughly
  • Read & Follow All Organizational Policies
  • Hold Action Utah Confidential Information in Confidence
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