VIDEO: Community Lobbying 101 – Overview on community lobbying from our community meeting in January, 2017

VIDEO: Community Lobbying 102: Interim Session and the State Legislature – Tips on lobbying legislators at the Capitol from Rep. Becky Edwards and Tara Rollins, Executive Director of the Utah Housing Coalition, Interim Session, May, 2017

Guide To Being An Effective Community Lobbyist – These slides from the ACLU Utah’s community lobbying presentation will walk you through the basics of community lobbying.

TIPS for contacting your representatives – Useful tips on the most effective ways to communicate with your local, state and national reps

TIPS getting to know your representatives – Tools to help you find, keep track of and reach out to elected representatives and for building relationships with them to improve your community lobbying now and in the future

How To: Write effective letters to the editor (LTE) and op-eds – Tips from RESULTS to help you write and get published.

TIPS: 12 Tips for Town Halls – Strategy tips for getting heard and getting answers from your representatives

Helpful Tools

Finding your representatives

Contacting your congressional representatives

  • – tool to call your representative
  • – tool to write your representative
  • Resistbot – texting tool to write your congressional representatives. Simply text “RESIST” to 50409 and Resistbot will find out who represents you in Congress and deliver your message to them in under 2 minutes. No downloads or apps required.

Tracking state and federal legislation

  • State Legislative Website – information on state budget, bills, committees, official publications, and contact information for individual legislators, plus bill tracking ability (NOTE: learn more on how to use this website effectively during the legislative session at the ACLU’s workshop on Jan 25, 2017)
  • State Legislative Website Bill Tracker App – an essential tool for citizen activists during the state legislative session, available for Android and iPhone
  • TrackBill – paid service and app that covers state and federal legislation and legislators
  • GovTrack – a useful tool for tracking legislation being debated in the US Congress. This is a project of Civil Impulse LLC, not a government website. They also list additional congressional info sites here.
  • Countable Website and App – tool for finding out what bills are coming up in the US Senate and House and voicing your opinions on those measures to your representatives BEFORE they vote
  • VoteSpotter App – tool for getting alerts about how your US representatives voted AFTER the vote and for voicing your opinion on how they voted
  • 2017 Utah Political Calendar – by


  • 50 States Newspaper list – Use this tool to find state newspapers for submission of your letters to the editor. In most cases, newspapers only accept submissions from locals in their area of circulation.
  • – A database of all county offices by type and state. Also has a public records search.
  • Town Hall Project 2018 – Find information about townhalls (or add information from your area) in this user-enabled spreadsheet.
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