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See our Voter Guide for information on upcoming municipal, state and federal elections.

Municipal Elections:

For information about elections in the county and municipalities contact:

County Clerk

County Government

Boards & Special Service Districts


Beaver County has several boards and special services district to help provide the services enjoyed by county citizens. 

The county has created six Special Service Districts. Though these districts are appendages of the county, they run independently from the county administration. All districts are made up of either five or seven member boards. 

In most cases, these districts were created where circumstance were such that certain services needed to be provided to a specific geographic area. The creation of the district allowed the services to be provided in that geographic area without taxing or collecting fees county wide. A few districts were created with the reasoning that an independent administration could better serve the citizens of the county. 

The County also has other boards that either are administered by the county or the county has a representative on the board but the board is a function of another governmental or private entity. 


Board Responsibilities & Organization

As set by state statute, the elected Board of Beaver County Commissioners holds the responsibility for the executive and legislative powers, duties, and functions of the county. The board is charged with levying taxes, adopting ordinances, and making policy for the more than 6,000 people who reside in Beaver County, as it relates to county business. Three county commissioners make up the Board of Commissioners. 

Commission meetings are held the first and third Tuesday, starting at 9:00 a.m., and are located at the County Administration Building, 105 East Center, Beaver.

Meeting Schedule/Agendas & Minutes

More Information
For additional information, please visit our Assignments page to learn about the roles of our elected county officials.


  • 10:00 am
  • First Monday of the month
  • Administrative staff meetings are held on the third Monday, same time
  • County Administration Building 
    105 E. Center St. 
    Beaver, UT 84713

Additionally, the board meets quarterly with the mayors and city council persons in a Council of Governments to coordinate the functions of local government in Beaver County. 

These and all commission meetings will be posted on Beaver County’s calendar on this website and through other media mediums. To receive notifications via email or text message whenever an agenda or minutes are posted, please visit our Notify Me module.

Departments / Elected Officials

Direct link to all Departments.


The assessor’s office duties, as set forth by statute, require the assessor to establish a market value for all property subject to property tax.


The county attorney’s office prosecutes criminal cases that occur within Beaver County and are filed in Fifth District Court, Fifth Juvenile Court, and the Justice courts of Beaver, Minersville, and Milford.

Building Department

Access permits and other documents from the Building Department.

Clerk / Auditor

Register to vote and request copies of budgets, financial statements, ordinances, and more at the Beaver County clerk / auditor’s office.  

Ginger McMullin 
Clerk / Auditor 

Tracy McMullin 
Deputy Clerk / Auditor 

Debbie Smith 
Accounts Payable /
Motor Vehicle Registration Specialist 

105 E. Center St.
P.O. Box 392 
Beaver, UT 84713 

Ph: (435) 438-6463
Fx: (435) 213-1752

Economic Development


The Geographical Information Systems information for the county.

Information Technology

Mountain West Computers, out of Cedar City Utah, provides the county’s information technology (IT) support.

Justice Courts

Access information on the justice courts in Beaver County.

Milford Office

View the various services available, such as obtaining dog licenses, passports, and registering vehicles at the Milford Administration Office.

Noxious Weed Spraying

View information on Beaver County’s stance against noxious weeds.

Planning & Zoning

Obtain information about planning and zoning permits, ordinances, and meeting information.


View information on property searches, obtaining copies of maps, and other services provided by the recorder’s office.

Road Department

The Beaver County Road Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of roads within the county.

Search & Rescue

View information on Beaver County’s search and rescue efforts.

Sheriff’s Office

Discover all the various departments of the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office and learn how the sheriff serves the community.


The county treasurer, LeeAnn M. Dalton, is responsible to bill, collect, invest, safeguard, and disburse revenue from property tax collections.

USU Extension Services

Learn about various issues and topics on the Beaver County Extension website.

Resource Management Plan

Click here for the Resource Management Plan


View ordinances that are enforced within Beaver County.

Click HERE to be directed to our online Ordinance Page. 

Policies & Procedures

Learn about Beaver County’s governing policies and procedures.

We are currently in the process of making the County’s policies and procedures available to view online. The policies and procedures are tentatively

scheduled to be available online sometime in June of 2013.


Stay informed by reading Beaver County’s resolutions.

We are currently in the process of making the County’s resolutions available to view online. The resolutions are tentatively scheduled to be available online sometime in June of 2013.

State, Federal & Local Resources

Access information about the various resources available to those living in or visiting Utah.

Educate yourself on the state, federal, and local resources available to Utah residents on the State of Utah website.

BC Community Development & Renewal Agency

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

Redevelopment law allows counties, cities, and towns to enhance communities through strategic public investments.  A unique mechanism called tax increment financing (TIF) enables communities to use the net new tax revenues generated by the redevelopment to help establish projects and capital investments. Utah state law permits local governments to use TIF to leverage private development within a community.

When a redevelopment project is being planned, the County analyzes how much additional taxes would be generated once it is completed. That projection is compared to the existing taxes generated. The difference, or increased tax generation is called the “tax increment.” Some or all of the tax increment then can be used to reimburse developers for a portion of their project financing, or can be used to construct needed infrastructure.

TIF is used on a post-performance basis. This means a company must pay their taxes in full, make their initial capital investment, and adhere to other stipulation put on by the County, before they can utilize the TIF incentive.

TIF is used only when an area or property can’t be redeveloped without public investment and when it meets a public objective. The use of TIF allows projects to be established that may otherwise not occur. Thus, the communities benefit from the creation of revitalized, productive properties and the taxing entities get new, permanent sources of revenue that wouldn’t have existed if the County had not enabled the project to be undertaken.

While the County manages the process, each taxing entity affected by TIF has the option to opt-into the program through an inter-local agreement.

Beaver County, along with the School District, Milford Memorial Hospital District, and Fire District #2 are considering the use of TIF to attract and retain projects within the County. These projects will benefit our communities through increased tax revenue to be used in our communities and to educate our children. 

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