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County Council

199 North Main St.
Logan UT, 84321
(435) 755-1850

Public Meetings

179 N Main Street &
199 N Main Street
Logan, UT 84321
(435) 755-1850


Phone:  435-755-1460

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County Council

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Cache County is governed by a seven-member county council and also elects eight officials at large. In addition to the county council, the county is governed by an elected County Executive, who is the chief executive officer of the county.

Cities in Cache County

College Young Ward
Hyde Park
Millville City
Mt. Sterling
Nibley City
North Logan
Providence City
Richmond City
River Heights
Smithfield City
Young Ward

Departments / Elected Officials


The Assessor’s Office is responsible for the valuation of all real property (land and buildings) and personal property (business equipment and mobile homes) within Cache County for the purposes of taxation.  In addition, our office manages the billing and collection of personal property taxes.  Real property taxes are collected by the Treasurer’s Office.  Motor vehicle registration is also handled as part of the Assessor’s office duties.


The County Attorney’s Office is dedicated to serving the people of Cache County through its aggressive, non-prejudicial, and proactive approach to criminal, civil, and juvenile cases affecting the county.

County Clerk

Our office is committed to courteous, efficient and effective customer service to all who need the various services the Clerk’s Office provides. We work together to provide professional service and accurate information.

Clerk Department Duties:

  • Business License
  • Marriage License
  • Primary and General Elections
  • Cache County Fair & Rodeo

Development Services

Our office is made up of the multiple departments that include: Building, Planning and Zoning, GIS Mapping, and Public Works.  You can select one of the options below, select from the links to the left, or contact our office for additional information regarding development in the county.  

Executive Office

The elected County Executive is the chief executive officer of the county.  He is elected at large and is vested with all administrative and executive powers to carry out the duties and perform the executive functions of the county.  He may take any action required by law and necessary to the full discharge of the executive’s duties, even though the action is not expressly authorized in statute.

Specific responsibilities of the County Executive include:

  • Exercising supervisory control over all functions of the executive branch of the county government
  • Directing and organizing the management of the county in a manner consistent with state law and county ordinance
  • Carrying out programs and policies established by the County Council
  • Faithfully ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and county ordinances
  • Exercising supervisory and coordinating control over all departments of county government
  • Except as otherwise vested in the County Council by state law, appointing, suspending, and removing the directors of all county departments and all appointive officers of boards and commissions
  • Except as otherwise delegated by statute to another county officer, exercising administrative and auditing control over all funds and assets, tangible and intangible, of the county
  • Except as otherwise delegated by statute to another county officer, supervising and directing centralized budgeting, accounting, personnel management, purchasing. and other service functions of the county
  • Conducting planning studies and making recommendations to the County Council relating to financial, administrative, procedural, and operational plans, programs, and improvements in county government
  • Maintaining a continuing review of expenditures and of the effectiveness of departmental budgetary controls
  • Developing systems and procedures, not inconsistent with statute, for planning, programming, budgeting, and accounting for all activities of the county
  • Exercising veto power over ordinances enacted by the County Council including an item veto upon budget appropriations
  • Reviewing, negotiating, approving and executing contracts for the county unless otherwise provided by statute
  • Performing all other functions and duties required of the Executive by state law and county ordinance
  • Signing on behalf of the county all deeds that convey county property

Executive Office Functions include:

  • Creating Agendas & Minutes for most County Public Meetings
  • Issuing Dog Licenses
  • Maintaining Television Translator

Finance Department

The Finance department manages and controls all financial functions for all County departments in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards for local governments and in compliance with Utah Statutes and Administrative Codes.

Fire District

Human Resources

Duties of Human Resource Department:

  • Recruit for job opportunities available with Cache County Corporation
  • Maintain benefits and compensation for employees
  • Maintain policy and procedures and assure compliance with applicable laws and regulations

Information Technology

Recorder’s Office

The duties of the County Recorder are outlined in the Utah State Code. Documents pertaining to real estate such as deeds, mortgages, liens, maps, plats, etc are recorded and indexed for public access. Ownership plats are also maintained by the recorder’s office. These plats identify ownership, acreage, parcel address, taxing units and owners address. This information is used in the assessing and collecting process for property taxes.

Some of the things the Recorder’s Office does:

  • Record, store and retrieve land documents in the public record.
  • Assist the public in locating real property parcels on ownership plats.
  • Assist the public in locating records.
  • Sell copies of documents and plats to the public.
  • Provide copies of documents for a fee.

Senior Center

Sheriff’s Office

Treasurer’s Office

The Treasurer’s office accepts payments of cash, check, or credit card (fee applies) in the office. Payments may also be sent by mail to 179 North Main Street, Room 201, Logan, UT 84321. As a convenience, you may pay taxes online or via telephone through Forte Payment Systems (Nine-digit parcel number required).

USU Extension Office

Visitors Bureau

Water Department


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