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125 E. Center St.
Moab, Utah 84532
Ph:  435-259-1341
Fax: 435-259-2574

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For information about upcoming elections, visit our VOTER GUIDE.

For county election information, go to the election website or contact the elections office (county clerk).


County Council

County Council information

The 7 elected Council Members comprise the Grand County Council, which is made up of elected officials that are the legislative body for Grand County. Council members serve on a part-time basis while the other elected officials serve full-time.

The Council Administrator is hired by the County Council to perform administrative duties related to planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling the various management responsibilities of the County Council. The Council Administrator manages the day-to-day affairs of the Council and oversees the following departments in which the council has responsibility;
     • Building Inspection
     • Canyonlands Field Airport
     • Community Development
     • Emergency Medical Services
     • Grand Center
     • Information Technologies
     • Maintenance
     • Noxious Weed Control 
     • Old Spanish Trail Arena
     • Public Library
     • Road Department
     • Sand Flats Recreation Area
     • Travel Council

County Council
Council Administrator
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Departments / Elected Officials


The Assessor’s function is to assess all real property, personal property, and mobile homes at current fair market value.


Clerk / Auditor

The Clerk / Auditor’s Office is a combination of Clerk functions and Auditor functions, including acting as the county’s chief budget and financial officer as well as the chief elections officer, plus issuing marriage and business licenses. 


The Grand County Recorder’s Office maintains records of property ownership, liens, mining, etc. as well as legal descriptions and plats of property in the county.


The Sheriff’s Office is a constitutionally created office with duties prescribed by the Utah legislature. The Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer for the county and is elected every 4 years.


The Grand County Recorder’s Office has been appointed to act as the depository for survey plats, which are required to be filed with the county surveyor as per Utah Code 17-23-1.


It is the main function of the Treasurer to bill and collect property taxes.

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