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Nephi, Utah 84648

Ph:  435-623-3410

Election Info: Contact the County Clerk

Commission Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month at 10:00 a.m. at the Commission Chambers in the Courthouse.

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For county election information, go to the election website or contact the elections office (county clerk).



Commission information

The County Commission is the seat of the county government and consists of three commissioners: a chairman and two commissioners. Find the Commission’s meeting agendas.

Cities in Juab County:

Mona City
Levan Town
Rocky Ridge Town

Departments / Elected Officials


The Assessor’s office is responsible for the assessment of properties for the purpose of establishing values. They only establish values for properties not taxes.


The County Attorney’s Office has two responsibilities:

  1. Prosecute felony criminal cases in District Court, juvenile matters in Juvenile Court, and misdemeanor cases in the County Justice Court.
  2. Advise county, district, and precinct officers on matters relating to the official duties of their respective offices.


Marriage Licenses, Passport Applications, Voter Registration

Planning and Zoning


The operations of the County Recorder are all specified by and required by state law.  The Recorder is elected to a four-year term.  He/She records documents and maps and also maintains cross-reference indexes to these records.  

Duties of the County Recorder

The Recorder Does:

  • Record, index and store land documents for public retrieval. 
  • Assist the public in locating real property parcels on ownership plat maps.
  • Assist the public in locating indexes for searching.
  • Record Military Discharges and provide certified copies of these documents at no charge.
  • Sell copies of documents and plat maps to the public
  • Provide certified copies of documents for a fee.  These may be recorded in the office of any other county recorder in the state. (Utah code 17-21-4, 57-3-4)



Responsibilities of the Treasurer Include:

  • Bill and collect Property Taxes.
  • Disburse revenue from property tax collections to Taxing Entities.
  • Invest County Funds.
  • Refund overpayment of Property Taxes.
  • Reconciliation of bank statements.
  • Publish a list of delinquent taxes annually.
  • Handles the registration and licensure of motor vehicles, boats, trailers, and recreational vehicles.

Realtors, title companies and mortgage companies utilize our services to check on property taxes levied throughout Juab County.

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