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Commission meetings are held the first and third Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at the Millard Courthouse, 50 South Main, Fillmore. These and all Commission meetings are posted on the county website and on the State’s Public Meeting Notice website.

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For county election information, go to the election website or contact the elections office (county clerk).



The County Commission serves both as the executive and legislative branches of Millard County Government. The Commission coordinates the efforts of the different County agencies and approves the County budget. They appoint citizen committees, establish special service districts, create and administer programs to provide community services. The Commission enacts ordinances that affect the health, safety, and general welfare of Millard County citizens. The Commission consists of three Commissioners: two Commissioners and a Chairperson.

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The legislature requires that county assessors annually update property values. Assessors are also required to complete a detailed review of property characteristics for each property at least once every 5 years. The Tax Commission may take corrective action if county assessment levels do not meet established standards.


The Attorney’s Office has the responsibility of prosecuting felonies committed in Millard County as well as certain misdemeanor matters in the District and Justice Courts and Juvenile Court. As a part of these duties, the County Attorney also supervises the Victims Advocacy Program. The County Attorney’s Office also represents the Board of County Commissioners and all of the various County officials and departments on official County business.


The County Auditor’s Office is responsible for preparing and maintaining all the financial information for the County. The Auditor is the chief budget officer and prepares an annual budget and provides monthly financial information to each office and department for management purposes. It is the responsibility of the County Auditor to administer the purchasing and accounting functions including all payroll, purchasing and corresponding payment of invoices. The Auditor maintains records of all financial amounts due to the county and conducts reviews and internal audits of county fiscal transactions. In addition, the County Auditor also shares in management duties of the real property tax system with the Assessor, Recorder and Treasurer.


The Clerk’s responsibilities include maintaining the voter registration system and coordination of the elections held in the County.  Other responsibilities include issuance of licenses such as marriage, beer and business licenses and processing of passport applications.  As the official record keeper of the County, the Clerk is responsible for maintaining accurate minutes of all public proceedings, ordinances, contracts and other related documents.  The Clerk also administers oaths to elected and appointed officials as required.

The Millard County Clerk’s Office also serves as Fourth District Court. Court is regularly scheduled every Monday with Bench & Jury Trials set as special settings.

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