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100 East Center Street
Provo, UT 84606

Phone: 801-851-8000
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Utah County Elections Division
Utah County Elections Results

Finance, Internal Audit & Elections Office
100 East Center Street
Suites 3600 (Finance & Audit) & 3100 (Elections)
Provo, Utah 84606

Main Phone: (801) 851-8109
Email – General: Utah County Clerk/Auditor
Elections: Elections Division



Utah County is governed by a Board of Commissioners consisting of three county commissioners who meet two to three times per month to fulfill executive and legislative functions.

County Commission

Commission Chambers
Utah County Administration Building, Room 1400
100 East Center Street
Provo, UT  84606

Meeting agendas and other information


Assessor – The Utah County Assessor’s office is responsible for classifying all property in the county; in cooperation with the Recorder’s office, associate ownership with the property; establishing a taxable value for all property subject to property taxation; and compiling this information into reports that are utilized by the Auditor’s office to calculate tax rates and the Treasurer’s office for collections.

Attorney – The Office of the Utah County Attorney acts in two primary roles—civil advisor and criminal justice. The Utah County Attorney’s office is the advisor to every other elected official in county government and to every Board and Commission in Utah County government.

Clerk/Auditor – The Clerk/Auditor’s responsibilities include

Recorder – The Recorder’s Office records documents pertaining to real estate property and maintains cross-reference indexes to these records. The Recorder’s Office is also required to maintain a set of maps which show the current ownership of every tract of land in the entire county.

Sheriff – The Utah County Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement services to the unincorporated areas of Utah County and contract cities, as well as co-operative support services to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and organizations.

Surveyor – The County Surveyor carries out duties related to various statutory mandates and functions, including different types of surveying projects for various departments in the county including the county commission.

Treasurer – The County Treasurer takes care of property taxes, county funds and tax information. The County Treasurer is responsible for the collection, safekeeping, and investing of all County funds.


In addition to the offices of the elected officials above, the county government includes the following departments:

Agriculture Inspection, Children’s Justice Center, Community Development, Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Treatment (ADDAPT), Extension Services, Fire Marshall, Housing, Human Resources, Information Systems, Justice Court, Public Works, Utah County 4-H, Utah County Wildland Fire and the Utah County Health Department.

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