Every year our state representatives and senators come together for 45 days to present, debate, pass and fund all legislation for our state. Action Utah engages the community in this critical process by following the legislation, partnering with legislators and advocacy groups to support and oppose legislation and bringing easy, vetted, coordinated calls to action to teams of volunteers and ordinary community members to impact policymaking in our state. We continue to follow policymaking during the interim, attending Interim Sessions, working with policymakers and informing the community about how the legislative process works in Utah.



Education – Finding better solutions for accountability standards, Our Schools Now, boundary education and School Trust Lands Exchanges.

Poverty/Homelessness – Improving people’s lives through affordable housing, case management and better alternatives to a food tax hike, plus protections for critical safety net programs.

Immigration/Refugees – Supporting vulnerable community members and an important part of our workforce through promotion of better policies to keep families together according to our shared values, bringing diverse groups together to gain better understanding of our differences and similarities and promoting compassion.

  • Join our Immigrant Allies Team to receive email alerts about immigration issues. Contact us to join.
  • Seeking volunteers to jour Immigration Subcommittee. Email us if you are interested.

Women and Families – Supporting legislation that improves the lives of women and families in Utah, including assessing the data on pay disparity to better understand where it does and does not exist in order to address issue in the most meaningful ways that help Utah’s families.


Healthcare – Going beyond partisanship to champion and educate the public about the best healthcare for individuals and families and for the economy of the state, including Medicaid protection and expansion.

Addiction – Seeking legislative solutions to causation and treatment of the epidemic.



Air Quality – Advancing solutions at the city and county level to promote cleaner air, economic savings and better medical outcomes for our communities. Advancing state legislative initiatives to improve air quality and providing education on air issues to the Utah community.

Public Lands – Supporting and celebrating the great American heritage of public lands and traditionally nonpartisan conservation issues through calls to action that promote stewardship, best economic practices, as well as respect for the spiritual, cultural, recreational and historical value of the spectacular land in our state.

  • Join our Public Lands Action Team to receive email alerts about public lands issues. Email us to sign up.

Energy Policy – Removing partisanship from a healthy discussion about the best energy practices and technologies for the future of our state that consider economics, health, public lands, education and solutions that benefit all of the above.



Redistricting – Seeking solutions to gerrymandering that brings political advantage to any one party to the detriment of another in order to combat disenfranchisement and protect the sanctity and health of our democracy.

Voting – Supporting solutions to improve access to voting

Campaign Finance – Reducing special interest funding on both sides of the aisle in order to give the people of our great state a louder voice in policy decisions that impact their daily lives.

Elections Database – Keeping Utahns informed by providing objective education on how elections work in our state, when elections will be held at the city, county, state and federal level, who are the candidates, how to vote and how to register to vote. Check out our nonpartisan VOTER GUIDE.

Candidates and Delegates – Encouraging more community members to get involved in politics in either party by providing information about the candidate and delegate process and teaching them about what resources exist for training.

Ethics and Accountability – Monitoring and communicating with our representatives at the city, county, state and federal level to ensure they uphold the highest level of ethical integrity and holding them accountable when they do not to ensure the best representation of their constituents and the safety and security of our state and nation.



Fundraising – Raising the donations that allow Action Utah to improve, to grow and to provide the community with educational resources, great events and the most meaningful calls to action every day.

  • Seeking volunteers! If you are interested in joining our Fundraising Team, please email us.

Meetings & Events – Planning of community get-togethers on a quarterly basis, plus periodic worships, information sessions, and events that help community members learn about community lobbying skills, civic engagement opportunities, diverse groups within the community, policy matters and their legislators.

Educational Resources – Providing highly accessible and informative educational material to help community members learn the basics of community lobbying, how our political system works, how to register to vote and when/how exercise your vote, etc.

Communications – Developing the best tools to make community lobbying and activism as easy as possible for ordinary people. We are working to implement high tech communication software and developing an app to improve user experience.

  • Currently seeking app developers. Please email us to volunteer for this exciting project.


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