A delegate is an individual who represents their state or county party in their annual party conventions and votes on party candidates, party platforms and other party business. They are elected at Precinct Caucus/Mass Meetings during even years and serve two-year terms. Click here to find out more about What Is a Delegate and Why Do They Matter?


    1. Delegates must be at least 18 years old,
    2. Must be a U.S. citizen,
    3. Be a resident of and a registered voter in the district in which they are seeking to become a delegate.
    4. Republican delegates must be registered with the Republican party. Democratic delegates have no party affiliation requirement.

Filing Deadlines

Candidates do not file in advance, but rather declare candidacy at the time of voting (at the precinct caucus or mass meeting). Candidates may be required to fill out paperwork prior to the caucus meeting. Contact your party office or precinct chair for current requirements. 

  • March:Precinct” (R), “Caucus Night” or “Mass Meetings” (D) – Check your party website, emails or social media for dates (generally both parties hold these meetings on the same night on a Tuesday a week or so after the end of the state legislative session).

Election Procedures

  1. May have to file paperwork
  2. Attend caucus meeting (sometimes called neighborhood precinct meetings or mass meetings), declare candidacy, make a short speech, and then a vote is held
  3. Precinct chairs for the following precinct caucus meeting are voted on at the same time


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