How to run for a board or commission seat in Utah

There are over 300 Boards and Commissions for just about every subject, including Commerce, Law Enforcement, Natural Resources, etc. These entities are created by statute in Utah state law.


Check the Utah Boards and Commissions website to find a complete list of boards, as well as any open positions and specific eligibility requirements.


There are many Boards that may have different requirements. However, a person wishing to become a board member should have experience in that particular subject, so that they can effectively provide advisory in that area (education, health care, housing, etc.). Check individual boards for requirements specific to that entity.

Filing Deadlines

Board members are selected through an application process. Positions can open and be applied for at any time at the end of a current board member’s term or when a seat is prematurely vacated. Check current member’s term dates to see when positions will next open up.


  1. Find a Board that suits your abilities here.
  2. Review eligibility requirements specific to that Board.
  3. Find vacancies and open positions.
  4. Click, “Apply” and fill out the online application

You may also apply for Boards with no open positions, and your application will be reviewed when there is an available seat.


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