How to run for District School Board in Utah

Local School District Board positions are nonpartisan and are elected on even years. The Local Board is responsible for policies that promote educational quality within a school district.


Board Members

A School Board Member must, together with their State School Board representative, select their district’s superintendent, create and revise education goals, and annually adopt their school district’s budget.


The chair is chosen within the Board Members. They can call special meetings or cancel meetings, designate board members to committees, and conduct meetings, among other tasks.

Vice Chair

There can be between 2 and 3 Vice Chairs, also chosen among the existing Board Members.


    1. Candidates must have lived in the education district they are elected to represent for at least one year before the day they are elected,
    2. Candidates must be registered voters in the education district they are elected to represent
    3. Candidates must be a U.S. Citizen [Utah Code 20A-9-201(1)(a)]
    4. Never have been convicted of a felony unless the individual’s right to hold office is restored in accordance with Utah Code 20A-2-101.5.
    5. Never have been convicted of a grievous sexual offense against a child, as defined in Utah Code 76-1-601(6).
    6. Members of the board must remain registered voters in the education district they are elected to represent for the entirety of their time in office
    7. Members of the board must maintain their primary residence in the election district they are elected to represent
    8. Members of the board may not also be employees of the board

Filing Deadlines

  • Mid-March: Declaration of Candidacy period
  • June: Primary Election 
  • 65 Days Before the General Election: Last day to declare as a write-in candidate.
  • The Tuesday following the first Monday in November: General Election

These dates are estimates. For specific dates and deadlines, which may vary each year, please check the Lieutenant Governor’s website or office.

Election Procedures

  1. Candidates must file for candidacy with their County Clerk in their county of residence.
  2. Pay a filing fee or provide proof of inability to pay the filing fee due to financial hardship. 


  1. The remaining members of the board have the authority to appoint individuals to district school board when a seat is vacated early. The board advertises the opening, interviews applicants in a public meeting, and then makes the decision (per Utah Code 20A-1-511). Board members typically go through the election process, though some have been appointed. 


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