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Think you want to run for office? Great! Here are some resources to help you find your path as a candidate.

Basic first steps

  1. Decide what level of office you want to run for. There are MANY positions in municipal, county, state, federal, parties, schools and boards and commissions. Scroll down to find out what options are available to you and how to run for that office.
  2. Figure out who you are as a candidate. What issues do you care about and why? What is good messaging to suit you and your audience? Action Utah’s Advocacy Bootcamp is an ideal place to start.
  3. Get candidate training. Real Women Run, Emerging Leaders Initiative and Women’s Leadership Institute offer resources and trainings for candidates. Or search online for candidate resources and trainings.
  4. Beef up your knowledge about our political and elections systems. Still need more info? Check Action Utah’s Events to see what upcoming seminars or workshops might help you get a better understanding of how things work in Utah. Or visit our online Resources.
  5. Create the basic framework for your campaign. Who will be your biggest initial supporters? How will you announce? Will you need marketing materials and a website? Who will run your campaign? Are you willing to run more than once if you don’t win the first time around? These are just some of the big questions you might consider before announcing your run.
  6. File for candidacy. 

How to run for office at any level of government


  • How to run for neighborhood community council – Find your local NCC online or go to your NCC’s meeting to inquire about running for a seat.
  • How to run for municipal office – City mayor, council, city government officers and special service district reps




Political Parties:


  • How to run for school community council – Find your local SCC on your school district’s website or go to an SCC meeting to inquire about running for a seat.
  • How to run for local district school board
  • How to run for the Utah State Board of Education

Boards & Commissions: