Action Utah works on the issues that data shows a majority of Utahns care about most and takes the stance of the majority on those issues. 

Utah’s Top Priority Issues: Regardless of political affiliation, religion, race, ethnicity or age, most Utahns agree on most issues, with some variation from north to south and rural to urban.

Our Sources: Action Utah uses credible, trusted data sources, such as Dan Jones Polling, Envision Utah, Hinckley Institute, Utah Foundation, Kem C. Gardner Institute and Utah Policy, to track what issues Utahns care about most and what the majority stance is on those issues.

Who are “a majority” of Utahns? On each issue that “a majority” of Utahns agree on, consensus comes from different combinations of people from different political affiliations and ideologies, genders, races and ethnic backgrounds, faiths (including agnostics), and regions of the state. The term “majority” does not refer to traditional Utah majorities, such as Caucasian or Latter-day Saint. Rather issue majorities are determined by ideological beliefs that include large swaths of the population from diverse backgrounds, including traditional majorities and many others. The majority doesn’t look exactly the same on all the issues, but rather varies from issue to issue — though there is inherently overlap between the majorities on most issues. In other words, we are all part of “a majority of Utahns” on a majority of the issues.

The Issues

Our public health work is focused on:

  • Healthcare – Expanding access and decreasing costs
  • Suicide Prevention – Reducing our high suicide rate through evidence-based solutions
  • Addiction – Working toward solutions to end the opioid crisis and reverse the spike in youth tobacco use

Some key successes:

  • Medical pricing transparency – Action Utah developed a bill that passed unanimously in 2019, creating a consumer pricing database for major medical procedures to provide greater transparency in healthcare costs.
  • Opioid addiction education – Action Utah’s policy team helped get funding for an appropriations request for an opioid addiction prevention curriculum for Utah middle and high schools.
  • Medicaid Expansion – After state legislators proposed a bill to repeal and replace Prop 3 for full Medicaid expansion, Action Utah members took action to pressure officials into adopting key amendments that included backstops to ensure coverage for Utahns who fell into the coverage gap.
  • Suicide Prevention Town Halls – Action Utah organized several town halls on suicide prevention policies and community initiatives to educate hundreds of community members and policymakers on resources and initiatives to reduce suicides in Utah.

Our environmental work focuses on:

  • Air Quality – Cleaning up Utah’s air for better health and economic outcomes
  • Water – Planning for growth through water conservation and quality measures
  • Public Lands – Protecting the lifestyle, recreation, health and economic interests of Utahns in policies regarding land conservation and development
  • Energy – Supporting affordable and sustainable energy through infrastructure and technology with a high total cost benefit to Utahns
  • Climate – Promoting climate conversations and economically viable climate solutions 

Some key successes:

  • State Climate Resolution – Action Utah wrote and helped pass the first environmental stewardship resolution of its type in a red state in 2018, recognizing climate change and the ability for Utah to find economically viable solutions.
  • Local Climate Resolutions – Action Utah wrote and helped pass local resolutions in Ivins and Cottonwood Heights in 2019.
  • Rural Renewables Resolution – Action Utah wrote and passed a resolution with Rep. Patrice Arent in 2019 to promote the development of clean, sustainable renewable energy to boost Utah’s rural economies.
  • Air Quality – Action Utah members mobilized to push for historic funding of air quality measures totaling an unprecedented $29M in 2019.
Families and Communities

Our families and communities work is focused on:

  • Education – Improving funding for schools and increasing teacher recruitment and retention
  • Affordable Housing and Homelessness – Planning for the current and future needs of our growing state to maintain a strong economy and safe, healthy communities
  • Immigrants/Refugees – Supporting productive and empathetic immigration reform with factual information and Utah values
  • Family Economic Prosperity – Growing independence and improving outcomes through proven policies to address family issues like poverty, childcare, and family leave and workplace protections
  • Rural Economy – Promoting jobs and economic opportunities that lift our rural areas out of the silent recession
  • Civil Discourse – Modeling and promoting civility and relationship building for successful advocacy

Some key successes:

  • Affordable Housing – Action Utah members advocated for an unprecedented $10M in funding for affordable housing in 2020 and successfully defended that funding from budget cuts due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • School Accountability – Action Utah mobilized community attendance at school board meetings and legislative hearings in 2019 and 2020 to advocate for changes to education accountability metrics, leading to a temporary suspension of the detrimental school grading system.
  • TH Bell Amendments – Action Utah assisted in developing and passing a bill in 2019 that improved and expanded grants to incentivize Utah students to pursue teaching careers.
  • Refugee Treatment Resolution – Action Utah developed and built coalition and legislator support to unanimously pass a 2019 House resolution asking Congress to support humane treatment and an end to family separations at the border.
  • U-Visa policy – Worked with the Utah County Attorney’s office to shift their policy on how U-Visa applications are filed for immigrant victims of domestic violence.
  • Childcare – Co-founded the Utah Childcare Cooperative (UC3) to create more childcare options through public private partnerships in order to give more Utahns the opportunity to fill good jobs and reduce Utah’s worker shortage.
  • Affordable Housing – Action Utah members lobbied legislators in a last ditch effort that helped double the funding appropriated to an important affordable housing bill in 2017.

Our work in government focuses on:

  • Elections – Increasing voter registration, education and turnout
  • Voting Policy – Strengthening our democracy by protecting voter rights and access to voting
  • Crime & Safety – Keeping our communities safe while improving criminal justice to reduce recidivism and increase supportive and wrap around services
  • Infrastructure & Transportation – Planning for Utah’s current and future transportation, safety and security, water and energy needs
  • Taxes and Government Spending – Informing Utahns about policy changes and advocacy opportunities relating to major tax reform and state spending issues

Some key successes:

  • Election Reform – Action Utah members advocated to finally pass a long-running bill in 2020 that eliminates single-mark straight ticket voting to clear up voter confusion on Utah ballots.
  • Election Reform – Action Utah members advocated for an omnibus election reform bill in 2018 that created same day voter registration and a required registration question at the DMV to increase voter registration and participation.
  • Ranked Choice Voting – Action Utah helped pass resolutions in multiple municipalities to adopt the state’s Ranked Choice Voting pilot program for municipal elections in 2019.
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