Join our Letter Team to make an impact with the power of your words!

Join Action Utah members from across the state in using a powerful advocacy tool: Letters to the editor (LTEs). An effective letter to the editor can:

  • Educate the community and sway public opinion
  • Get the attention of elected officials
  • Get publicity for issues and/or solutions
  • Influence votes and policy decisions

As part of our Letter Team you will:

  • Learn how to write an effective letter to the editor
  • Access key talking points, vetted information and suggested topics
  • Get editorial advice on your LTE drafts
  • Learn how to submit your letters to the editor to local publications
  • Make a bigger difference from the comfort of your own home
  • Amplification of your voice across the Action Utah network

No experience is necessary to join our team — Action Utah leaders will help guide you and do the hard part of gathering data and talking points you can use to write your LTEs each month. All we ask is that you sign up and commit to writing one letter a month! That’s just 200 words a month to get your voice heard. So what are you waiting for — sign up today!

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