Action Utah is committed to providing our members with factual, vetted information. We are also committed to empowering Utahns by providing tools to help members assess issues on their own, track state and national policy, and be effective community lobbyists.

Utah Political System

Learn how the political system in Utah works and why community lobbying is impactful and meaningful. Plus information on every county in our state.

Community Lobbying Tools

Tips and tools to teach you ordinary people how to reach out to elected officials to ensure your voice is heard and help you impact policymaking at the regional, state and federal level. Learn how our political system works in Utah,

How to Contact Your Representatives

Find out who your municipal elected officials, state legislators and congressional representatives are and how to contact them and build relationships with them.

Election Resources

Information about upcoming elections, important dates, candidates and how to register to vote.

Fact Checking Tools

Tools and tips on fact checking data and news in the era of fake news.


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