For legislators

Looking for expert analysis to help you understand a bill? Action Utah works to pair legislators with trusted professionals in the community who can give an expert opinion on proposed policies. Contact us for more information.

For lobbyists and advocates

Looking for support to back your latest bill or to block a bad measure during the Utah state Legislative Session? Action Utah evaluates actions from our partners that fit with our values and methodology and mobilizes our forces to contact legislators, attend meetings, sign petitions, testify at hearings, etc, as needed to support policies and messaging across a range of issues. Contact us or click here for more information about becoming an Action Utah Partner.

For non-profits

Need an influx of volunteers or help with a donation drive or event? Action Utah can help our partner organizations by putting out a call to action to our members to mobilize a larger part of the Utah community. Click here for more information about becoming an Action Utah Partner.

For “satellite” action groups

Have you gathered a group of engaged citizens looking for ways to make an impact? Partner with Action Utah to learn about important actions your group can take to impact issues across Utah. Contact us for more information.

For community members

Looking to make an impact, but don’t know what you can do? Join Action Utah to learn about weekly and urgent actions regular, everyday citizens like you can take to be more engaged and to make a difference. You don’t have to live in Salt Lake City to make an impact — in fact our members are taking action each week from all over the state! Click here to join us and start taking action today!

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