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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Action Utah! Volunteers are an important part of Action Utah’s civic engagement work, and volunteering is an excellent way to gain experience and deepen your understanding of civic engagement to make a difference. 

Why does volunteering at Action Utah matter?

Greater civic engagement in Utah can heal political divisions, balance out extremism and give a voice to people who largely agree on most issues (regardless of political affiliation, gender, religion, race, or geography, etc), leading to better policies that improve our lives and our trust in government. 

That’s why community members want to get involved, run for office and take leadership positions to make a difference. 

However, lack of civics education and entry level opportunities and the general overwhelm of navigating our complex, opaque systems pose great barriers to entry to community advocacy and leadership for most Utahns.

Action Utah’s Volunteer Program seeks to overcome these barriers for community members and fill the opportunity gap by providing meaningful opportunities to gain learning and experience in order to further YOUR ability to impact the issues, as well as to grow civic engagement in Utah. 

Volunteering at Action Utah: A Win-Win Experience

Our Volunteer Program builds your skills by providing volunteers with valuable education, experience and training through volunteer positions that leave them better positioned to engage in more meaningful advocacy or to pursue leadership roles in policy or advocacy, should they desire to do so, in the future.

People volunteer for different reasons. Potential outcomes of volunteering with Action Utah include: 

  • Networking opportunities with engaged community members
  • A more meaningful and committed habit of civic engagement
  • Preparation to run for elected office
  • Preparation for an advanced volunteer role at Action Utah
  • Pathway to a volunteer or staff role at another advocacy organization
  • Deeper understanding of our political and/or elections systems
  • Helping Action Utah to reach more Utahns with education and advocacy opportunities that empower others to make a difference
Action Utah Volunteers must agree to abide by our Code of Conduct which can be read here.

Volunteer Opportunities

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